Things that I love #10

This will be the last one.  I have been on tumblr for over 3 and 1/2 years.  It is time to take a break.  Not even sure I will be back.  The 10th thing that I love is my wife.  I got married recently and because of my kids and just logistics stuff she has not moved in yet but today is the day.  She does not know about my tumblr and really I think she would love it but if I am giving attention to my blog then I am not giving my attention to her.  I LOVE HER!  And even though I am no saint, she loves me too.  I mean she loves me like all those posts that sound so great.  She is caring, considerate, loving but not clingy, she makes me laugh, she is sexy as hell, and so giving.  

There are things I want to do with her.  I want this to last forever.  I have been without a woman in the house for 5 years now and it is going to be an adjustment.  So I need to devote my time to building my marriage up because she may be 10th on the list but she is my #1 priority right now besides my kids.  

I am not deactivating my blog.  Not just yet anyway.  I hate when a friend just disappears one day and some no face has their url.  So messages of encouragement, words of wisdom, a beg to come back ; ), or just whatever would be nice but I certainly don’t expect to be missed by too many of you.  But to the ones I talk to every now and then I say thank you for spending a little time getting to know me.  It’s just time for a change.  

Best wishes to all,